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A unique partnership leading to significant advances in dentistry 

Established in 1980, the International Team for Implantology (ITI) has become one of the largest independent academic organizations in implant dentistry and the related field of tissue regeneration. Over the past 30 years its unique partnership with Straumann has led to many technological and therapeutic advances in the field and has created a platform from which to disseminate evidence-based educational principles to a constantly growing professional audience. The ITI takes an active role in education, funding of research, and the organization and support of its country Sections, while Straumann has responsibility for developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling its products. In 2010 the ITI launched their ITI Study Club Initiative, an efficient platform from which to disseminate and exchange knowledge on the latest treatment approaches in implant dentistry.

Since their introduction in 2010, more than 500 ITI Study Clubs have been established around the world and the number is still growing. Each ITI Study Club offers three to four meetings per year and the groups remain small, with a maximum of 30 members. This allows for interactive discussion of aspects of treatment planning, procedures, handling of complications and aspects of practice management and practice building. The opportunity to become an ITI Study Club Director and form an ITI Study Club is open to all ITI members.

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